What makes you believe?

"God gave you your huge eyes and your little body. God gave you your heart and your mind, and He gave you your father and I. He loves you more than we can, and He's always listening to all the thoughts you have and the prayers you make and Helping you out. God is like the air- He's everywhere you go. When we're in the house or go outside in the car to your uncle's house, or even if we travel to another country, He's still going to be there. There's nowhere you'll go that God won't be there for you."

That's how God was first introduced to me by my mother, and if you come from a believing family of any religion, I'm sure you'd be able to relate to this too. It's easy to believe when you're a kid- when what our parents tell us about the magical world we're bewitched with is an unquestionable given- because who could know more than mom and dad?

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