Super(bowl) Food

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Its that time of year again: The Superbowl. The weekend of mega-million dollar TV commercials and a seemingly 24 hour "pre-game". Oh ya, and I guess there's a football game of sort on as well. I'm not such a fan of the sport and can only tolerate a few minutes of watching here and there but even I get excited for this weekend. Do I have a favorite team? No. Is my home state being represented? Nope. Do I love game-day snack food? You betchya! To help get you in a Superbowl snack food state of mind, here's a round-up of some classic Muslim Wife Kitchen recipes to make your game day delicious:

1. Pizza dough can go a long, long way: Weather you opt for a couple trays of mini-pizzas or a platter of calzones, this pizza dough recipe is where you'll start off.

In a pizza rut and need some new flavor inspiration? Check out these MWK pizza options:

2. Dips: Few things pair as good as football and dunking...chips, that is. This tomatillo salsa recipe is not only bright and refreshings, its super simple too! If you do opt for a classic guacamole, give it that extra something by using sour cream (piped on with a ziplock bag with a corner cut off) to resemble a football field!

3.Fingerfoods: You're gonna need to keep your hands free to do all the high fiving and touchdown signs during the game (you know you do it, just admit it), which is finger foods are the way to go for the best viewing experience. If your crew likes it hot, try out these jalapeno poppers. Remove the seeds to tame the heat if you must!

And does anything scream FOOTBALL more than a soft pretzel dunked in hot cheese sauce? A game-day must in our house!

5. Maincourse: The game will be airing in the evening which puts us smack in the middle of dinner time. If you need some main course fare, these easy dishes will easily feed a crowd.

The key to this easy pasta dish is baking it in a springform pan to maintain the individual layers. This really can feed a football team!

 If you're already making guacamole, why not grill up some quesadillas to go with it? This spicy shrimp and spinach combo is delicious!

6. Sweet Tooth: Last, but certainly not least, is the sweet ending to celebrate your teams victory or console a losers heart ;) To make this football cake, simply bake your favorite chocolate cake recipe (I use the same one for my cupcakes) in a round pan. Then divide the cake in half, cut off a 1 inch sliver going the length of the cake and reattach your two halves. This will give you an oval football shape. 

For these cute football cupcake toppers, simply pipe some melted chocolate onto wax paper in the shape of footballs. Once they are completely cooled, slowly lift off with a spatula and decorate with white frosting. 

I use the Bakers one bowl brownie recipe and always end up with rich, fudgy brownies. Once they're completely cooled, cut out in a football shape (Wilton has a cookie cutter), frost and decorate and you're ready to go.