Start small, stay small, go big in heart

Today, I went downtown to a local art gallery where a painting of mine was accepted into a Juried art show. The show is lasting just four days, and it’s sponsored by an art club at a local University. The juror was a professor from MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art), one of the top 14 art schools in the US, and the theme was “Identity.” There were 36 pieces in the show selected from about 100 entries of every type of medium you can think of.

The art gallery was beautifully and brightly lit with warm afternoon sun, and my painting was right next to the window wall. I immediately saw some striking pieces, took some photographs, walked around, then stood for a while in the space, just soaking it in. I am in love with this art gallery. It is in one of the oldest buildings in my hometown; what was once a strip of shops and apartments is now entirely occupied by locally-owned specialty shops. There are exposed ceilings and plumbing painted white, wooden floors, entirely glazed walls, and a two-story ceiling height. It is preference, perhaps, but a space that allows for just the right amount and type of sunlight always leaves me with a deep sense of comfort, a sense of home, even. Every time I go there I leave, daydreaming about what it would be like to have a studio space like that, to live in a space like that, to exhibit in a space like that – it’s just that well designed.

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