my temptations

how to avoid temptations? or best, how to face temptations?

during my trip to bangkok last week, i had to face quite a few of them. most of the people there are not fasting of course, so at the market they are selling all types of food and i myself is a sucker for thai desserts. walking across the jatujak market, i can see people selling coconut ice cream under the hot sun, fresh cut fruits and so many other delicacies which i know are yummies. but yeah, the tempting foods are not that hard to avoid as we are used to it already. and the old siam plaza, there were having like a food festival or something and the dessert are so tempting!

but the hardest thing for me is to ignore the shopping temptations! the clothes there were super cheap, and you can get a much cheaper price compared to some blogshops selling the very same item. walking through the market took us quite a long time as i really really had to stop at every stall to check on their price and went "owhhh this is cheap!" and "wooww i want this!!"

and the handcrafts section is another story. i found so many things suitable for wedding favors, and i started to wonder is bandung like this too? is it easy to find such cheap & cute & useful favors there too? 

sorry my companions as i took a very long time to decide on what i want, no? :) luckily they were very patient and helpful and didn't bother walking around and going to the same row again and again. thanks guys, you are the best!! owh but partner, you are the best of the best shopping companion ever :)