My dear Mommy, who lives all the way in far-off India, and I would go for walks together, and she would always say, "Breathe!", and I would tease her by saying "All the way to my toes?", and she'd say, with a perfectly serious face, "All the way to your toes!".

I joined the SWB Magazine Contributors group only about a minute ago, and I thought I might as well contribute something right now!

What made me think of my mom's simple exhortation to "Breathe!"?

Well, about a minute before I joined the Magazine Contributors group, I joined the Networking That Matters group. What a wonderful way to foster meaningful relationships, MashaAllah.

All through Ramadan, while I was taking a break from my own personal blog and spending time online in general, I had the thought in the back of my mind to just scrap all my online attempts at networking. At the same time, I realized this wasn't a fair thing to do to myself or my fledgling business, since really, I had not yet MADE any attempts at networking! Yes, I have a half-baked blog, and a facebook account (where my profile info still reads : "facebook. Yikes!", but it actually amounts to nothing.

So I started to form a resolution that InshaAllah, after Ramadan, I'd dedicate a little time every week to make MEANINGFUL online relationships, even if I felt clueless about how to go about it. I had recently joined SWB, blog it was at a time that we were selling our house, house-hunting, and then opting to rent instead. The apartment is much smaller than our house used to be, and it was challenging for the first month to just fit everything in while making it look as minimalistic as I like it to be! And then Ramadan began, so really, I didn't do anything with SWB either.

I felt I was finally getting ready to start on my quest for meaningful friendships, but didn't know how exactly to begin.

And then I got an email with Amber's wonderful suggestions for doing just that! How perfect is that?
Which brings me back to "Breathe!".

That's my resolution for Shawwal and for my desire to network meaningfully: First, to breathe -
Take it all in. Relax. Remind myself it's not a race. I'm here to make friends.
I'm here to share, to support, to enable. I'm here for the joy of meeting new people.

And it's going to be good, InshaAllah!

I leave you with one of my paintings. To me, it perfectly combines a mood of restful solitude
with dynamic exuberance!

May all our days have such moments!