Best of Shawwal : Forgiveness

A lil Eid note for all lovely readers...not sure if you all can read it clearly..=P

Shawwal is not just a month of celebration but also a month of forgiveness. Perhaps this poem touches if not all some of you who are always seeking for Allah's Forgiveness.


Thinking of my transgression and failure,
Thinking of things I have done wrong,
Things I said,

Things I did for a laugh,

I kneel down,
I confess,
My sins and regrets,
From the depth of my heart,

Ya Allah,
I ask you for my forgiveness,
I ask you to forgive me everything,
I will ask, I will beg,
Until all of my sins are forgiven,

And I will keep asking,
Forgive me, Ya Allah,
For You are Ar-Rahman,
The Most Merciful and Fullest of Forgiveness.

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