Best of Shawwal: Family

I guess the best thing ever this year is that all of my family members were all home for Eid. I have five sisters and four of them are married, and normally what we do here is that we take turns with our husbands on which house to go to first on the first day of Eid, as that is the most important day of Shawwal. :)

So during previous year, not all of us were around. But this year, all of us get to be home with our mom for Eid celebration and we stayed for a very long break with her. Reason being is the connecting public holiday, so less annual leave to be taken. And that my mom needs to go for a minor surgery due to her cataract problem. So yes, most of us have been here since last week and having a lot of fun at home. 

On the first day of Shawwal, we went to visit our old-neighbor back in a small town where we used to live at when my late father was still around. We didn't see each other for like 14 years and this visit really meant a lot to us, especially to my mom.

Then on the third day of Shawwal, we had a barbecue at my sister's place. This was funny, as the barbecue place is such a small one and it's catering for 13 hungry peeps! It took us hours to finish everything with the help of oven that my sister took out from her kitchen haha.

And yesterday, on the 7th day of Shawwal we spent our evening at Cameron Highland, one of Malaysia famous place of interest. It's quite near to our place, just a one hour drive using the Simpang Pulai highway. Since it was a last minute plan to calm my mom (she's so worried about the surgery since she got diebetes problem), we only had a few hours to spend up there so we went shopping for fresh strawberries and veges before visiting a tea plantation area and enjoy our tea there.

Today my mom will undergo a minor surgery, do pray for her safety ya. Have a great Shawwal with your loved ones as much as I did with my family. :)

I'll write and post more photos on our Cameron trip at my blog, do stop by at my 3f's ya.