Raindrops tearing us apart

Sunny Salams guys - but not so sunny in some areas =/ This is a bit of a serious topic but I feel that it needs to be talked about:

MANY of you have probably heard about the floods in Pakistan. I'm not here to talk about the 3.5 million who have been left homeless, or the 1,600 who have died so far or the 14 million people who have been actually affected. I'm here to try and put it into perspective - from someone living MILES away.

First things first: I'm not Pakistani. None of my friends are. But I still care. Why? Is it because of a human touch and reaching out and seeing suffering? Maybe... but more so, because I know that there are Muslim brothers and sisters dying and suffering out there. While I sit here, in my warm comfy bed waiting for my amazing iftaar, I can think about the homeless Pakistani's who don't even have any food to break their iftaar with.

It IS hard to put it all in perspective: it's millions of miles away... how can we react? Take a look at it like THIS:

The number of people affected by the Pakistan flood was MORE than the Asian tsunami and the recent earthquakes in Kashmir and Haiti. It's funny because I remember there was a lot more hype about those incidents than the Pakistan flood.

The Pakistanis NEED international help, despite the Taleban's pleas that it'll be corrup aid if it comes from the West. Sorry, but if I donate... from the bottom of my heart, with the purest of intentions to help the Muslim ummah, is it still corrupt? I really hope not, because that is the only way I can think of helping. Ramadan is a month of extra worship and being a good Muslim - so I urge us all to help the Muslim ummah.

Oxfam have said that donations are LOWER than other previous disasters. It's only been able to pick up $247m to help 3.5million homeless people. It's not enough. They need more. India has offered no aid or assistance at all... Britain has: but the victims need even more.

As I turn on the TV I see more and more please for money to build mosques and schools: alhumdulilah really good causes: but I can't donate anything if I know that people are DYING. And I know it's difficult to know exactly where to start giving... but saving a life has got to be the right place? So as I begin to break my fast, my prayers are with the Pakistani victims tonight, inshAllah we will all be helping in some way. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has already donated but you know every little helps =]

Love you all

xxx Tasmia -