A bite of sweetness to tide you over

Assalam Alaikum Sisters!

Alhamdulilah I am back from Umrah and ready to give you another thing you can try out in your kitchens!

As the days of fasting continue, I find myself having chocolate cravings- Snickers, Twix, Crunchie. Oh so yummy, but oh so bad for the waistline. I've been holding back, but last night was just too unbearable. I had to have a chocolate fix right then and there. I quickly scoured my kitchen cupboards to find something and I came across a bar of Lindt's 60% Cocoa Dark Chocolate bar. Perfect! I also came across a box of Baker's Secret Semi Sweet baking chocolate. Even better! I wanted to have some texture to my chocolate fix, so I threw together a dash of this, a handfull of that and came up with bite sized crunchy chocolately goodness.

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