Tasty Corner: Shaban is here!

Shaban starts today and that means Ramadan is only a month away!  Wow it's so hard to believe how fast the time has gone.  I am planning to do several posts on here and also on my own blog about Ramadan as related to food.  I think a lot of sisters (and brothers!) especially in the West struggle with what to make, the time to do it and cost involved in preparing meals.  I want to make it easier.  Another friend of mine posted some questions on a joint site that I'm going to pose to you as well.  

It is a time when we all begin to think about Ramadan, just a short month away.  It is a time to make up your fasts from the previous Ramadan, if you haven’t done so already.  There are also days to fast in Sha’ban which have all their own merits, but will also help you to prepare for the long days of fasting that will fall during the summer months.  Read more here on The Virtues of the Month of Sha’ban.

  • What do you do to prepare for Ramadan? 
  • Do spend a lot of time cooking to freeze items for quick and easy iftars?
  • Do you spend more time in prayer, remembrance of Allah?
  • Do you give the house a good cleaning and place some decorations around?
  • Do you gather together with other sisters in your community to plan group iftars or other Ramadan get-together?
  • How do you help your children get ready for Ramadan?
  • Do you set some goals for yourself as far as completing the Quran or memorizing a new Surah?
  • What else do you do to prepare for Ramadan?
Some of the questions are general and some are related to food/eating.  I'd love to hear what you have to say about all of them and also what kinds of posts you would like to see leading up to and during Ramadan.