Muslim Sisters- Ray’s of light

Recently I began connecting with my fellow Muslim “blogging sisters”. Becoming a part of a network where Muslim sisters from around the world can connect, share ideas and interact with one another is brilliant, for various reasons. On a simpler level, it’s great to just get to know your fellow sisters, share thoughts and experiences and gain an understanding of what things are like for Muslim sisters across the world. The other, less obvious reason that this is great is because it makes it abundantly clear that true Islam does not regard women as inferior beings who are not allowed to be educated and to have thoughts and opinions of their own!

As most of you already know, many people are of the belief that Muslim women are ignorant and uneducated and they thus need people to speak on their behalf, because they are so “entrapped” and “enslaved”. Well, just browsing through the various blogs of my fellow sisters, reminded me that this is definitely not the truth. It’s amazing to see so many vibrant Muslimah’s sharing their thoughts and opinions on anything and everything, and although we may not realize this, this is making a statement of behalf of all Muslim women.

You see it’s quite sad that it’s not only non-Muslims who have the wrong ideas about women, sometimes its Muslims themselves, and it’s even sadder when the ideas of women don’t even have a place within Islam. If we look back at our Islamic history we will see women of true character and substance, women who were able to encourage men, women who had opinions on many things and knowledge on various topics. These women contributed positively towards society and towards their families and they did this without breaking any of Allah’s rules- Subhanallah!

So at this time when most people are trying to bring out the negative perceptions when it comes to Islam and women, here we have these amazing sisters, who truly are a ray of light within the darkness. Sisters who by sharing their experiences (whether it’s about motherhood, cooking, personal experiences or social issues), are shedding light on the truth about Muslim women, while inspiring their fellow sisters. Sisters who make it clear that a woman can strictly adhere to the tenets of Islam while still contributing in some way, and sisters who make it obvious that being Muslim women is what makes them want to be better because they know that Islam encourages everyone to be the best person that they can be.

As I browsed through the profiles and blogs of my sisters it was clear to me that every single one of them are unique and interesting in their own way, but every single one of them have a passion and zest for life that is without a doubt inspiring. As I read through the wall posts and messages it was evident that the connection between Muslim sisters is something special.

Together we can create a voice more powerful than the voices that would love us to remain silent. When you put all of the rays of light together, you can have the sun! When I see my Muslim sisters, it makes me feel happy to be a part of them, so to all of you amazing sisters, keep on doing what you’re doing, because there is no such a thing as a small contribution, and even if you manage to inspire one person, you will be successful. And as Muslims we are never at a loss because even if nobody shows an interest in what we're doing, Allah Almighty is so merciful that we will be rewarded in the hereafter!

May Allah reward all my Muslim sisters for all of your efforts. May Almighty Allah shower His peace and blessings on all the Muslims!
I leave you in Peace!