Modestly On-Trend

These days it's hard not to notice new trends and fashions, and it's even harder not to be interested in those trends. We would all like to say to ourselves that we don't care, but I suspect deep down, most of us do (or some people, like me, don't have to look down that deeply haha).

That is why I have been relieved to see some more modest trends come into fashion recently. Gone are the days of the crop tops (good riddance), nowadays it's more fashionable to wear long, layered tops. In keeping with the idea of long layers, the next big new thing seems to be maxi dresses.

This is a fashion option that has "hijabi" written all over it! It's ankle-length, flowing and loose, and can be combined with existing pieces such as long sleeve t-shirts or cardigans. And best of all, it's perfect for summer. Those of us in the Northern hemisphere are feeling the heat right now, that's for sure. Recently it was reported that this is the hottest summer on record. So what better piece of clothing to wear, than a single long piece of fabric?

The nice thing about maxi dresses is that they can be accessorized casual or dressy. Throw on a cardigan and go to the corner store, or slip into a tailored jacket and go out on the town. They also looked great at the beach.

Some trendy maxi dress Dos and Don'ts:

-Wear big accessories. Chunky necklaces, wide bracelets, tote handbags, and Aviator sunglasses.
-Match the hemline to your height. Make sure it doesn't drag on the ground, or hit that awkward spot between the ankle and calf.
-Pair your maxi dress with sandals, wedges, or ballet flats, not boots.
-Finish with a cropped shrug or cardigan, or a lightweight jacket for an evening look.

-Wear a belt. It ruins the line the garment and makes your hips look bigger. If you want to control the width of the dress, wear a fitted jacket or vest instead.
-Wear small floral patterns if you are curvy. Choose a large pattern or block color to hide bumps and lumps (Hint- darker colors work better for this than lighter colors).
-Wear sheer or thin dresses without a slip or underskirt.
-Be afraid to wear it casually! Maxis aren't just for evening wear anymore, but perfect for walking the dog, hanging at the beach, or shopping with friends.