Job Interview Do's & Don'ts

Back to those days when I just graduated, I didn't really know what to do during a job interview. Of course, we answer questions during the interview, but those small things that can make us look better in the eye of the interviewer are very important right? At campus, we learnt so many things but during my time, there was no subject on how to deal with interviewers or what to do during the interview. Now that competitions to get a good job is very high,  whenever you got an interview make sure that you do your best so u can score the job.

Here are some of job interview do's & don'ts that I can share with you. 

for job interviews, do:

1. Do dress appropriately. Get some rough ideas on what the company is working on, and dress according to their code of dressing. If you are applying for a job in media and advertising lines, the dress codes are normally not as formal as usual. Do check so you won't dress awkwardly. 

2. Do your research on the position that you're applying for. It's so you know your job scope or the knowledge you need to prepare yourself with. nothing is better than a knowledgeable candidate. Do practice on the questions you think relevant to the job, you can try this

3. Do come early, if your interview is scheduled at 3.00pm please be there by 2.30pm. you will need to fill up some forms and that will take time. And being there early can ease yourself and get yourself prepared. 

4. In order to come early, do check out the venue a day earlier. Get to know the traffic flow there, if the place is in the city center then leave home early so you won't get stuck in the jam and end up being late. Being late means you're wasting the interviewer time and sometimes can lead to cancellation. If you are late, do call and inform the company.

5. Do greet the people there, or just smile. You don't know who they are right, and any of them could be your boss. You won't lose anything by smiling. Nobody likes a stuck up candidate

6. Do bring extra copies of resumes, photos and copy of certificates. Those are essentials. 

7. Do write a thank you e-mail, it helps

for job interviews, please don't:

1. Do not memorize facts! Or if you really have to do so, don't make it sounds like you're memorizing. There are times when we twisted a question, the candidate went blank. But all the way before that she was very fluent at answering the questions. Maybe that question was not in her book.

2. Do not chew gum

3. Do not assume that your resume is good enough to explain about yourself, you need to talk, sell yourself and convince the company on why they should hire you

4. Don't be soft spoken. Be confident, but don't scream ya?

5. Don't lie, in your resume or during the interview. Please know that companies will do a background check. Your previous company will be contacted, so no point of lying.

6. Don't say 'no' when they ask if you have any questions. Ask questions, it will show that you're interested to know about the company. You can ask about the training provided, company social responsibilities activities and such

7. Don't simply put any figure in your expected salary. Ask around and survey the current market of your job. Don't put too low, or too high. 

All these are from my own experience, and what I learnt while working here.
I sure hope these do's & don'ts can help those who are going for a job interview. Do you have any interview tips that you would like to share with us at SWB?

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