Decoration Inspiration: Contemporary Living Space

Asalamu Alaikum,

My name is Anya and I'm bringing you girls a post today about decorating. Some of you might know me from my blog The Veiled Bump. If you don't, then I'm really sorry you are missing out on my fabulousness. Basically I blog about the things that revolve around my life as a 19 year old wife, student and future mother to the baby in my belly. Thanks to the SisterWhoBlog Network I'm being able to share with all of you girls some of things that we young, lovely Muslima's face. Now on to the post.

Today I'm writing about contemporary decorating. This is a subject every female alive will be faced with sooner or later. Whether its decorating your room in your parents home, campus dorm or your future nest with your husband you will have to decorate some time or another. You don't have to be an award winning interior designer to come up with something hot either. Just get a pen a paper and listen up.

Today I'll be concentrating on the contemporary living space or living room. Now, one thing I faced when I had to go out and choose my living room decor was all the advice given to me by family and friends. Some of it was great but most of it was a bunch of Bologna. So, how did I pick through the friendly and foe advice. Well, common sense obviously told me that style is no ones business but my own but other things like making sure the legs of the furniture were sturdy and buying a bottle of spray on spill protector did make tons of sense.

Here a list of practical advice I got:

1) Depending on what material you buy, suede leather or fabric, buy the appropriate bottle of spill protector spray. (The $25 dollars is so worth it when your little sibling spills spaghetti or your clumsy friend sits on a chocolate chip cookie she didn't see!)

2) Don't get white or light coloured Furniture. This rule really goes two ways. I have a friend who bought cream leather sofas and keeps them in perfect condition but then again I have another friend whose sofa has practically turned brown in the 2 years she has had it. So this depends a lot on how much care you are going to put into it. Leather is obviously also an easier bet to go with when doing lighter colours than say suede or fabric.

3) If your husband is a well built man or you intend on having 5 children buy heavy weight furniture. I unfortunately learned this one the hard way. I bought a high legged dinette set with flimsy chairs and one night I had a heavier friend over for coffee and cake. Poor girl broke the support bar between the legs of the chair. (you know the bar you put your feet on) Since then we've had 3 more support bars broken from thicker guest's. The chairs are still usable but its still so annoying when you don't have a place to put your feet, especially since they are bar stool height.

4) Pick a style of furniture that you can live with for the next ten years. This is very important in today's economy. It doesn't mean skimp on something you love, just think is this a fad or will I still love this in a couple months. Dorm room styles go in and out so often you could blink and see another, so just make sure you really love what you buy!

5) Pick a style that's all you. Whenever you decide on a living room style make sure you're in love with it. If you are a stay at home wife like me then you know its very important to love what you are going to be surrounded with. If you are comfortable and happy that's more important than impressing the neighbors, trust me. Don't go for the super glam arabesque look just because that's what all the other girls in the Masjid did. Do what says this is my living space!

6) Do spend time bouncing around on the sofa, coffee tables, rug before purchasing. You need to know if they are comfortable or not. Go ahead, take your shoes off and walk around on that rug!

7) Don't spend a fortune just to buy furniture from a certain store. ( I'll go into more detail about this in a next month's post)

8) Lastly but probably most important. Pray and thank God for blessing you with the financial ability to decorate your room! Ask him to bless your furniture and make it a source of happiness for you and anyone else who sees or uses it!

So, now that you have a few practicality issues down lets get to a few style notes. Personally everyone told me not to buy contemporary furniture. But to be honest I don't like arabesque designs. It doesn't match my style or the space. To me having extravagant furniture inside an apartment the size of a peanut is ridiculous. I Thank God have quite a big house but I still don't like the middle eastern show off style. My home is meant to make me comfortable not anyone else. And so I opted for a contemporary floor set like in the picture below.

Other easy to accomplish contemporary looks I'd suggest going for include the following pictures.

This first look Includes all white furniture. As complexly simple as this appears it's actually a super easy look to achieve. Go for one or two large leather sofas in off white/cream. Then find a simple coffee table in a thrift store and paint it off white. There you could probably find neat chairs too and paint those off white as well. The rug underneath the tables is a shag rug. If you are going for a light colour shag is the best because the long fibers hide dirt and spills.

Secondly, is the masculine look of black and steel. This is also a simple combination of awesome looking black chairs. Together it makes a very high impact living room. Opt for wall art but keep it simple!

This look would do well in a dorm or bedroom. Keep everything simple and off white and just add punch with some hot pillows, a shag rug and a simple metal table. Notice how they stick to 3 colours. The main colour being off white and the accents being baby blue and hot pink. You can find simple tables and a rug like this at Garden Ridge.

Once again we come to the black look. This time instead of a few awesome chairs we have a nice set used. Everything is kept monochromatic which makes the black easier on the eyes. I've actually seen sets in faux leather like this running as low as $500-600. That's pretty good considering a set is a full furniture system. You could drop the same amount on just one love seat or trio seat.

I thought this was such a fun look I just had to include it. They used fun colours and shapes to design this marshmallow looking room. Stick to two colours that are near each other on the colour palette to keep coherence in the room and never overcrowd with accessories.

Inshallah, I hope I have inspired a few ideas, check out my blog for more! http://theveiledbump.blogspot.com/


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(This post is not meant to offend anyone's sense of style! It is a reflection of my taste and a call for all girls to design the way they see fit! Also all pictures were taken from google search.)