What's appropriate for youtube viewers?

Assalamu Alaykum, Peace be on You

Everyone I know told me to go watch this video on youtube. Unfortunately its blocked as stated by youtube:

I got really upset when I read this, because one might believe this is youtube's policy:
  • It’s OK for youtube viewers to see the genocide in Sudan
  • It’s OK for youtube viewers to see Iranians beaten-up in protests
  • And it is so appropriate for youtube viewers to view Hitler’s crimes against Innocent Jews.
  • But what’s not OK for youtube viewers is to view BAD JEWS AND ISREALI soldiers murdering innocent Palestinians Muslims and Christians regardless if they are children, women, and elderly.
When will youtube Stop taking sides and just focus on doing fair business. Isn't it time for them to STOP supporting this regime, and let humanity rise, so their business can rise?


Amber Misk

PS: Go view it for yourself, it has no audio and the video isn't clear. Just go and state that its appropriate. Here's the link