Insha Allah, its achievable with Dua, strong believers and doers

Assalamu Alaykum Sisters :)

I’d like to thank Ange for broadcasting the news about our 2010 Best Blog Award.

As you see I’ve attached a copy of one of her follower's comment, and wonder if you think the same.

I believe our wish list by Allah’s grace, and the generosity of kind hearts is achievable. However, in order to achieve something we must seek it and give it our best shot. Honestly I cannot do it alone; I need strong believers in the miracles of dua.

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, taught us to say dua and seek what we want.

With that said; you and I must make tremendous effort to spread the word. We should encourage our followers to join our network. So when we approach our honourable sponsors, they’ll know that we are a strong community and we deserve their support.

Now can you imagine Her Highness Queen Rania surfing our network. Looking at your profile and checking your creative blog. Do you think she’ll not appreciate your work? Do you think she’ll say "I am to busy to empower the online community of sisters who blog"?

So please, get our membership soaring so we can approach our honourable sponsors with confidence and respect.

If you believe, please join our network now :)

Thank you,