GOOD NEWS: Registration is open

Assalamu Alaykum Sisters :)

"Now you can Nominate your blog
and tell your fans to register their names in the voters list"

Yes! I’ve decided to open up the nomination and voting list for the 2010 Best Blog Award effective June 15 to September 30.

In case you’re wondering why the rush, honestly we need to increase number of members on our network, because it matters to our sponsors. They deserve the publicity and we need their generous support, so please sign-up.

However, if you don’t support us, then our efforts will go in-vain. So please show some enthusiasm and spread the word. I hope this deadline proves to you that we are serious and keen on awarding our best bloggers.

If you want to nominate your blog, you need to do the following:
1. Have an active blog
2. Be a member of sisterswhoblog network
3. Register your blog in the nomination list (in relevant category)

Tell your fans/followers to register before the deadline. To be eligible to vote they need to:

1. Have an active blog
(Only sisters who blog will vote, hence voters should have active blogs)
2. Be members of sisterswhoblog network
3. Register their names and blogs in the voters list.

    Please note that we are still working on finalizing the participation guidelines, and we intend to keep you updated.

    Finally, I would like to remind you that I can’t do it alone and I need your support, so please spread the word.

    Thank you,

    Amber Misk

    Image: gettyimages