Delivering Happiness to 52 Best Bloggers

Assalamu Alaykum ... Peace Be On You :)

These days I feel as if I'm working for a happy broadcast station :) I hope you like happy news, for today I have a special announcement :)

As you know we did receive a couple of recommendations to regionalize our 2010 Best Blog Award. However, the idea wasn’t encouraging because we didn’t receive many nominations.

Nevertheless, that’s about to change! All thanks to Rania’s dua which got me inspired to make this 2010 Best Blog Award “GLOBAL”

Here’s the new plan:

  1. East and South Asia
  2. Africa and The Middle East
  3. Europe and Australia
  4. North America

13 Categories
  1. Best Arts and Crafts Blog
  2. Best Educational Blog
  3. Best Fashion Blog
  4. Best Food Blog
  5. Best General Blog
  6. Best Islamic Blog
  7. Best Motherhood Blog
  8. Best Motivational Blog
  9. Best New Blog
  10. Best Photo Blog
  11. Best Political Blog
  12. Best Teen Blog
  13. Best Travel Blog
If you previously registered your blog in the nomination list, please register it again according to the new plan.

Insha Allah, this year’s award is a stepping stone for more to come in the future…Ameen :) We might make mistakes since it’s our first award, and we might not make everyone happy, but I believe this will bond our community.

Wholeheartedly, I believe this will enable our sisters’ true authenticity and beauty to blossom in the blogsphere. It will also provide us an opportunity to truly appreciate their creative work and reward them respectfully.

I know some might still doubt our ability to provide 52 wooow gifts. My answer to you is:

“Insha Allah it’s all possible by Allah’s Grace, generous sponsors, and your dua and help in spreading the word”.

So dear sister, please tell me what you think of this new plan. Your feedback is valuable to us and will help make this award successful.

Amber Misk